RECOMB-CCB 2019 Schedule is avaliable here.

Keynote Talks

  1. Christina LeslieDecoding epigenetic states of immune and cancer cells
  2. Eytan RuppinTBA
  3. Joel SaltzPathomics, Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes, Clinical Studies and Cancer Surveillance

Accepted Papers

  1. Hossein Sharifi-Noghabi, Yang Liu, Nicholas Erho, Raunak Shrestha, Mohammed Alshalalfa, Elai Davicioni, Colin Collins and Martin Ester.Deep Genomic Signature for early metastasis prediction in prostate cancer
  2. Fang Wang, Shaoheng Liang, Tapsi Kumar, Nicholas Navin and Ken Chen.SCMarker: ab initio marker selection for single cell transcriptome profiling
  3. Sean West, Hesham Ali and Dario Ghersi.Uncovering and characterizing splice variants associated with survival in lung cancer patients
  4. Zach DiNardo, Kiran Tomlinson, Anna Ritz and Layla Oesper.Distance Measures for Tumor Evolutionary Trees
  5. Sahand Khakabimamaghani, Dujian Ding, Oliver Snow and Martin Ester.Uncovering the subtype-specific temporal order of cancer pathway dysregulation
  6. Pavel Skums, Viachaslau Tsyvina and Alex Zelikovsky.SCIFIL: analysis of evolutionary history and clonal selection in cancer populations using single-cell sequencing data

Highlight Talks

  1. Tengfei Xiao, Wei Li, Shirley Liu and Myles Brown.An Estrogen Regulated Feedback Loop Limits the Efficacy of Estrogen Receptor Targeted Breast Cancer Therapy
  2. Joo Sang Lee, Lital Adler, Hiren Karathia, Narin Carmel, Shiran Rabinovich, Noam Auslander, Rom Keshet, Arie Admon, David Wilson Iii, Yardena Samuels, Sridhar Hannenhalli, Eytan Ruppin and Ayelet Erez.Urea Cycle Dysregulation Generates Clinically Relevant Genomic and Biochemical Signatures
  3. A Forget, L Martignetti, S Puget, L Calzone, S Brabetz, D Picard, A Montagud, S Liva, A Sta, F Dingli, G Arras, J Rivera, D Loew, A Besnard, J Lacombe, M Pagès, P Varlet, C Dufour, H Yu, Al Mercier, E Indersie, A Chivet, S Leboucher, L Sieber, K Beccaria, M Gombert, Fd Meyer, N Qin, J Bartl, L Chavez, K Okonechnikov, T Sharma, V Thatikonda, F Bourdeaut, C Pouponnot, V Ramaswamy, A Korshunov, A Borkhardt, G Reifenberger, P Poullet, Md Taylor, M Kool, Sm Pfister, D Kawauchi, Emmanuel Barillot, M Remke and O Ayrault.Aberrant ERBB4-SRC Signaling as a Hallmark of Group 4 Medulloblastoma Revealed by Integrative Phosphoproteomic Profiling
  4. Violeta Beleva Guthrie, Lily Zheng, Cathy Guerra, Yuko Kuboki, Laura Wood and Rachel Karchin.Inference of single-cell genotypes characterizes the genetic heterogeneity in pancreatic cancer precursor lesions
  5. Johannes G. Reiter, Alvin P. Makohon-Moore, Jeffrey M. Gerold, Alexander Heyde, Christine A. Iacobuzio-Donahue, Bert Vogelstein and Martin A. Nowak.Minimal functional driver gene heterogeneity among untreated metastases
  6. Fang Wang, Shaojun Zhang, Tae-Beom Kim, Yu-Yu Lin, Ramiz Iqbal, Zixing Wang, Vakul Mohanty, Kanishka Sircar, Jose Karam, Michael Wendl, Funda Meric-Bernstam, John Weinstein, Li Ding, Gordon Mills and Ken Chen.Integrated Transcriptomic-Genomic tool Texomer profiles cancer tissues

Late Breaking Research Talks

  1. Nuraini Aguse, Yuanyuan Qi and Mohammed El-Kebir.Summarizing the Solution Space in Tumor Phylogeny Inference by Multiple Consensus Trees
  2. Hatice Osmanbeyoglu, Fumiko Shimizu, Angela Rynne-Vidal, Tsz-Lun Yeung, Hannah Wen, Petar Jelinic, Samuel Mok, Gabriela Chiosis, Douglas Levine and Christina Leslie.Chromatin-informed inference of transcriptional programs in gynecologic and basal breast cancers
  3. Gryte Satas, Simone Zaccaria, Geoffrey Mon and Ben Raphael.Single-cell phylogenetic inference with copy-number supported mutation losses
  4. Welles Robinson, Roded Sharan and Mark DM Leiserson.Modeling Clinical and Molecular Covariates of Mutational Process Activity in Cancer
  5. Yoo-Ah Kim, Rebecca Sarto Basso, Damian Wójtowicz, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Fabio Vandin and Teresa Przytycka.Identifying Drug Sensitivity Subnetworks with NETPHLIX
  6. Xiaoshan Melody Shao, Justin Huang, Ashok Sivakumar, Kymberleigh Pagel and Rachel Karchin.High-throughput binding prediction of Class I and Class II neoantigens with MHCnuggets

Accepted Posters

  1. Joo Sang Lee, Avinash Das, Livnat Jerby-Arnon, Rand Arafeh, Noam Auslander, Matthew Davidson, Lynn McGarry, Daniel James, Arnaud Amzallag, Seung Gu Park, Kuoyuan Cheng, Welles Robinson, Dikla Atias, Chani Stossel, Ella Buzhor, Gidi Stein, Joshua Waterfall, Paul Meltzer, Talia Golan, Sridhar Hannenhalli, Eyal Gottlieb, Cyril Benes, Yardena Samuels, Emma Shanks and Eytan Ruppin.Harnessing synthetic lethality to predict the response to cancer treatment
  2. Michael Bradshaw and Samuel Payne.Detection of Fraud in Large Omics Datasets
  3. Collin Tokheim and Rachel Karchin.CHASMplus reveals the scope of somatic missense mutations driving human cancers
  4. Inna Kuperstein.Atlas of Cancer Signaling Network: a resource of multi-scale biological maps to study disease mechanisms
  5. Inna Kuperstein.Comprehensive map of regulated cell death signalling network: a powerful analytical tool for studying diseases
  6. Chunhui Cai, Gregory Cooper, Kevin Lu, Xiaojun Ma, Shuping Xu, Zhenlong Zhao, Xueer Chen, Yifan Xue, Adrian Lee, Nathan Clark, Vicky Chen, Songjian Lu, Lujia Chen, Liyue Yu, Harry Hochheiser, Xia Jiang, Jane Wang and Xinghua Lu.Systematic Discovery of the Functional Impact of Somatic Genome Alterations in Individual Tumors through Tumor-specific Causal Inference
  7. Yangqiaoyu Zhou and Layla Oesper.A Topology-Aware Edit Distance Measure For Cancer Evolutionary Trees
  8. Simone Zaccaria and Ben Raphael.Accurate quantification of copy-number aberrations and whole-genome duplications in multi-sample tumor sequencing data
  9. Simone Ciccolella, Murray Patterson, Paola Bonizzoni and Gianluca Della Vedova.Effective clustering for single cell sequencing cancer data
  10. Qi Miao, Fang Wang, Rafet Basar, Muharrem Muftuoglu, Li Li, Katy Rezvani and Ken Chen.Ab initio Spillover Compensation in CyTOF Data
  11. Harshit Sahay, Ariel Afek and Raluca Gordan.Toward understanding mutagenesis in transcription factor binding sites
  12. Shaoheng Liang, Fang Wang, Jincheng Han and Ken Chen.Latent periodic process inference from single-cell RNA-seq data
  13. Coby Viner, James Johnson, Laura García-Prat, Charles A. Ishak, Nicolas Walker, Hui Shi, Marcela Sjöberg-Herrera, Shu Yi Shen, David J. Adams, John E. Dick, Anne C. Ferguson-Smith, Daniel D. De Carvalho, Timothy L. Bailey and Michael M. Hoffman.Methyl-sensitive transcription factor motifs in leukemia cell populations
  14. Fang Wang, Qihan Wang, Jincheng Han, Shaoheng Liang, Ruli Gao, Li Ding, Nicholas Navin and Ken Chen.Tracing tumor cellular evolution through copy number alterations
  15. Nishanth Ulhas Nair, Kuoyuan Cheng, Joo Sang Lee and Eytan Ruppin.Contribution of synthetic lethality to cancer risk and onset time across human tissues
  16. Kuoyuan Cheng, Sridhar Hannenhalli and Eytan Ruppin.Integrating (phospho)proteomics for improved identification of signal pathway abnormalities in cancer
  17. Yoo-Ah Kim, Damian Wójtowicz, Rebecca Sarto Basso, Itay Sason, Welles Robinson, Dorit S. Hochbaum, Mark DM Leiserson, Roded Sharan, Fabio Vandin and Teresa Przytycka.Network-based approaches elucidate differences within APOBEC and clock-like signatures in breast cancer
  18. Amanda Oliphant, Emily Hoskins, Samuel Pugh, Jonathan Jarman, Daniel Cui Zhou, David Adams, Sean Beecroft, Li Ding and Samuel Payne.Analysis of clustered mutations on highly mutated proteins in endometrial cancer
  19. Ashok Sivakumar, Dylan Hirsch, Rohit Bhattacharya, Justin Huang, Collin Tokheim, Valsamo Anagnostou, Victor Velculescu, Simon Wing and Rachel Karchin.Information Theoretic approaches to interrogate T-cell receptor diversity for cancer immunotherapy
  20. Kymberleigh Pagel, Lily Zheng, Rick Kim, Kyle Moad, Michael Ryan and Rachel Karchin.The Open Custom-Ranked Analysis of Variants Toolkit (OpenCRAVAT): A customizable annotation and prioritization pipeline for genes and variants
  21. Mark Keller, Welles Robinson, Mark Leiserson.ExploSig: Hypothesis-driven Exploration of Mutation Signature Etiology